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Heart disease and cancer are among the leading causes of death in Europe. In fact, roughly 1 in every 3 Europeans develops cancer during their lifetime and more than 15 million people in Europe experience heart failure, with numbers projected to rise over the coming decades. As such, cancer and heart disease represent an emerging global health threat. These non-communicable diseases result in long-term health consequences and often create a need for extensive treatment and costly healthcare measures.

In this regard, mRNA – most recently proven its advantages in the SARS-CoV2 vaccines – offers exciting opportunities for new therapeutic interventions.

EXPERT aims to develop a novel off-the-shelf delivery system for mRNA-based nanomedicines that is ready for clinical testing.

As initial targets, EXPERT is striving to improve diagnostic and therapeutic options for cancer and heart failure patients. If successful, the technology could be used for several other diseases in the long term.

Composed of four similar building blocks resulting in molecules with predictable qualities, mRNA nanomedicines are a true platform technology. This allows EXPERT to follow an off-the-shelf approach to production, purification, formulation and storage which streamlines the drug development process, offers important technological progress in this field and accelerates drug availability for patients.