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CIDETEC is a private organization for applied research founded in 1997 whose goal is to contribute value to companies by means of capturing, generating and transferring technological knowledge. In doing so, CIDETEC aims to increase companies’ capacity for innovation and competitiveness, working as a strategic partner for their customers, helping them to define their innovation strategies and generating knowledge and technological solutions that add value for them.

Located in Donostia-San Sebastián, CIDETEC comprises three international reference institutes in the fields of Energy Storage, Surface Engineering and Nanomedicine. EXPERT involves CIDETEC Nanomedicine, an institute for applied research that develops cutting-edge technology to transform it into advanced products. Four pillars support this activity:

  • A highly qualified team with experience in technology transfer
  • Strategic collaborations that help us in the development of applications in the biomedical sector
  • Differentiating facilities for the translation of nanomedicine working in rooms designed according to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) for the production of nanopharmaceuticals products
  • Direct contact with the industry and clinicians.

Role within EXPERT

CIDETEC Nanomedicine has established a flexible and adaptable pilot plant for the cost-efficient production of small batches of nanopharmaceuticals, suitable for pre-clinical trials. It Includes state of the art production processes like continuous-flow reactors and highly advanced characterization techniques to ensure the quality of nanodrugs.

CIDETEC nanomedicine, will lead WP7, focused on the design of GMP industrial process, scale-up and production of pre-clinical batches of the nanodrugs, including the establishment of QC strategies for raw materials and final products.

CIDETEC will as well collaborate with SINTEF developing analytical methods for the QC of produced materials.

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