CYBERNANO is a contract research organization (SME) providing innovative services in data science for nanomedicine and oncology. CYBERNANO was founded in 2013 by three researchers working in Nanomedicine for Cancer. Now, the start-up is composed of seven persons involved in the development of innovative statistical and computing methods to facilitate the implementation of the Quality-by-Design approach (ICH Q8-Q12 and ICH E6) in Nanomedicine.

Role within EXPERT

Within the EXPERT project, CYBERNANO will support the partners in each steps of the manufacture process guided by the Quality by Design (QbD) approach thanks to its i-Nano platform. i-Nano is a collaborative platform of services for physicists, biologists and chemists assisting them in the development of their molecules and nanoparticles in compliance with the FDA & EMA guidance on QbD. analysis, design of experiments, multivariate analysis. The platform will be used in this project to determine the target nano-product profiles, identify the critical quality and material attributes as well as the process parameters, determine the normal operating region in the design space, design the control strategy.

Main Contacts

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