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Tel Aviv University (TAU)

Tel Aviv University (TAU) is the largest comprehensive research university in Israel. Among the university’s 1,000 faculty members are internationally renowned scientists who have made a major contribution to their respective fields. In 2018 Tel Aviv University was ranked 21st in the world in the criteria citations per faculty member.

Role within EXPERT

Within this consortium, TAU focuses on generating targeted lipid nanoparticles (tLNPs) to enable the specific delivery of mRNA. The bioinspired lipid nanoparticles are formulated using a microfluidic mixing technique, and their quality and performance in vitro and in vivo will be evaluated by TAU. Construction of tLNPs will be done based on the evaluation of different immune profiles in tumour microenvironments and screen for possible mRNA delivery targets. After selecting potential targets, tLNPs will be generated using ASSET (anchored secondary scFv enabling targeting), an advanced platform that enables the coating of LNPs with monoclonal antibodies for specific delivery.

Main Contacts

Photo of Dan Peer, Principal Investigator
Dan Peer, Principal Investigator