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SINTEF is a non-profit independent research organization, and with approx. 2000 employees one of the largest in Europe. SINTEF performs contract research and development for a wide range of both Norwegian and international industry customers and participates as a research partner in publicly funded research projects, both at the national and to a large degree at the EU level. Annual revenues for SINTEF is more than 300 M€. The Department of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine is participating in EXPERT with its extensive experience and significant ongoing project activity on synthesis and characterisation of nanomedicines. The department is a core partner and assay group leader in EUNCL. State-of-the art instrumentation is available for physicochemical and chemical analyses, as well as high-throughput advanced in vitro analyses, both 2D and 3D cell-based assays. Analytical facilities and competence are also widely used for classical pharmaceutical, small molecule and protein analyses. Also, the department has high competence in biotechnological processes, molecular genetics, bioinformatics and translation from lab to pilot scale.

Role within EXPERT

SINTEFs tasks in EXPERT include the WP leader role in WP6, encompassing quality control and physicochemical qualification of the manufactured nanomedical systems, according to EUNCL standards. SINTEF will provide competence on regulatory issues and interaction with medical regulatory authorities. Analyses will also be supplied to help development and optimisation of the nanocarrier systems and during GMP scale-up. During in vitro and in vivo testing, SINTEF will contribute analyses of therapeutic effect from the mRNA payload, as well as pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics (metabolic effects) and biodistribution of the nanomedicines.

Main Contacts

Photo of Sven Even Borgos, Senior Research Scientist
Sven Even Borgos, Senior Research Scientist
Photo of Sjoerd Hak, Research Scientist
Sjoerd Hak, Research Scientist
Photo of Anna Nordborg, Research Scientist
Anna Nordborg, Research Scientist
Photo of Ruth Schmid, Vice President Marketing
Ruth Schmid, Vice President Marketing
Photo of Jérémie Parot, Research Scientist
Jérémie Parot, Research Scientist